How To Side Load BiblioBoard on the Kindle Fire HD

This document explains how to side load BiblioBoard Library onto the Kindle Fire HD.

Enable Side Loading

In order to load BiblioBoard Library on the Kindle Fire HD, first a device setting must be changed to allow the side loading of apps. By turning on side loading, the user can then install apps from sources other than the Amazon app store.

First, swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal additional menu options and tap More:

From the Settings menu, tap Device:
(NOTE: If you are using a newer device (4th generation or higher), your menu option will be Applications)

Tap On for the option to 'Allow Installation of Applications From unknown sources':

A warning will appear.  Tap OK:

Download BiblioBoard Library

Open the 'Web' browser and download BiblioBoard:

Now wait for the download to complete.

Install BiblioBoard Library

Open Downloads from the Web browser menu:

Tap the BiblioBoard-release.apk that was just downloaded:

An install dialog should now appear listing the permissions required by BiblioBoard.  After viewing the permissions required, tap Install to complete the BiblioBoard Library installation.

Disable Side Loading

Although not required, it is good security practice to disable side loading when not explicitly needed.

Go back to Settings -> Device

Tap the Off button beside the option to 'Allow Installation of Applications From unknown sources'.


If the application fails to install it is possible the download became corrupted during transmission.  The Kindle will cache downloads, so before downloading the application again, please delete the corrupted download and clear the web browse cache.

Open the Web menu -> Select Downloads

Put a check next to the BiblioBoard download (all of the them if there are more than one).

Select the Trashcan in the upper right corner to delete the selected items.

Again, open the Web menu -> Select Settings

Select Clear Cache -> Select OK

Now follow the download steps above to try again.  If the application still fails to install please contact support.

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